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Ridiculous RE7 Dummy Finger Mystery Finally Solved

Ridiculous RE7 Dummy Finger Mystery Finally Solved

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard demo that was released back in June puzzled players all over the world (Pun intented). Since the release, many players got really confused about the puzzle that involved a hand and a dummy. No one could figure out what they should do, and it drove everyone crazy!

Was this a good marketing strategy? We’d definitely say so! However, the unsolved puzzle was solved shortly after the release of the game’s final teaser. One keen-eyed player noticed that Capcom didn’t forget to include the frustrating finger puzzle in it. ‘So what was the solution?’, you might be asking yourself now? We’ll just tell you that, to us, this solution didn’t even cross our minds once!

If you haven’t been familiar with Resident Evil 7 favorite conspiracy we’ll fill you in. The dummy finger was an item that you discovered in game’s first trial, that was released just after E3 2016. During the gameplay you’d find a lone digit in a creepy house. The digit you’d find belonged to a creepy mannequin. Players of course immediately though this was some kind of conspiracy or a secret, an Easter egg even. But nobody knew exactly what it does!

Numerous theories formed quickly, trying to guess and revel the Finger’s secret. The flames were stoked even more when Capcom sent a message in July. The message was seemingly unrelated to this problem. Regarding the details about the Resident Evil Ambassador Program there was a note ‘about a certain finger’: ‘The path is now closed, but patience…’

Most of the people looked over this message as some unrelated stuff for only the most passionate fans. However, thanks to one of the most dedicated Resident Evil players, a connection was made.


Resident Evil 7 Mannequin Finger Mystery – Solution


After waiting for six months, for the demo’s release, one dedicated Reddit user found the purpose for the dummy finger!

Shortly after the release of the ‘Midnight’ demo, BruhTheShark posted a complete guide to completing this puzzle. The subreddit consisted of 34 steps, which ran to the highlt specific to the slightly odd and vague.
We can definitely say that ‘average casual’ would never figure out the mystery on their own. Since the guide tells you to walk around different rooms using various items in particular ways.
You really need to see this for yourself in order to fully understand it so here it is. Be wary as this is a long playthrough and things tend to get a little scary!

The reward for solving this mystery is rather bizarre if you ask us. The ‘Dirty Coin’ player is awarded seems rather unimportant. However there is a use for it, so if you did the puzzle stick to it. If you pay enough attention through the game you will find exactly what it’s used for. Since we don’t want to give out any spoilers about the game we won’t tell you here.
If, however we get enough feedback and suggestions we might do the second part of the mystery revolving around the Dirty Coin.

No promises, though since many of you have already beaten Resident Evil 7 anyway!

Pokémon GO Getting Co-Op Features!

Pokémon GO Getting Co-Op Features!

Pokémon GO seems like it’s still on the rise. Even if the starting hype and burst of popularity has faded, it still has a lot of users. Niantic already celebrated the milestone of over 65 million active users!
Aside from reaching the milestone of  active users, Pokémon GO won many awards in the past couple of months. This being said, it is quite easy to see that the game is still going strong within the Pokémon community.

Surely the best news for active Pokémon GO players is the announcement of implementation of the Co-Op Gameplay. This will expand the already great experience of this game, adding a whole another dimension to it’s fun.

So if you didn’t have much reason to go outside if you caught most of you Pokémon, now you will! Trainers all over the world will immerse in a cooperative social gameplay experience.

The cooperative aspects have been datamined even before the official announcement. However, we didn’t want to talk about the subject before the official news. Dataminers from a private Discord for Pokémon GO players found lines of code about it. Updated Gym features and ‘nearby raids’ are coming as well!

We still don’t know much about the whole ‘raids’ thing. What we do know is that the game will occasionally inform you of nearby raids. Meaning you and all other nearby trainers will head to the same place. This will be a cooperative experience, but we still don’t know the details.
If you take a closer look at this trailer you will see that it probably was inspired by the thought of Co-Op playstyle:

Pokémon GO – Updating Gym Features


Besides the already mentioned Co-Op features that is being added to Pokémon GO we know the Gym will be updated. Those updates will involve shaking up how long  Pokémon can hold onto their posts.

The dataminers confirm that there are lines of code indicating that some  Pokémon maybe be forced out of the gym. Either by others trainers or other Pokémon, perhaps there is a connection between this and the raids. Dataminers are all working hard to uncover the hidden secrets of Pokémon GO.

While we might have to wait a bit to clearly see what’s coming in the next updates one thing is clear. Pokémon GO will have a major update next spring!

All of this is probably because the Pokémon GO developers themselves are unhappy with how the gyms work. They expressed that they feel most players find the repetitive and one-sided. There is minimal to none interaction between the players there currently. This is all the complete opposite of what they wanted.

CEO John Hanke told Wired that their top priority is to fix the current gym system. Senior product manager Tatsuo Nomura said something similar at the Game Developers Conference in 2017. He stated that Pokémon GO is an MMO and that it is crucial for it that people play together.

This sure sounds exciting for all of us Pokémon GO users and fans. These updates will bring us closer together than ever!

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Already Sold 1 Million Copies!

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Already Sold 1 Million Copies!

Bluehole inc., developers of the new MMO Survival game called PlayerUnknown’s Battleground claimed they had sold more than one million copies withing the first 16 days after it’s publishing on Steam Early Access.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground better known as PUBG had an amazing start on Steam by earning a reported 11 million dollars in the first three days of its sale. Our sources confirmed that it is currently number one best selling game on Steam. The game’s success doesn’t stop there, as it is now placed withing the top five most-played games on steam since it’s launch according to the information provided by SteamCharts.

The speed at which this game sells is incredible and it only continues to grow, beating another similar MMO Survival game, the popular DayZ. But even DayZ, in spite of its popularity, fails to come close to PUBG since by comparing the sales of these two games we can clearly see that PUBG is selling about twice as fast!

The game’s skyrocketing popularity certainly got attention from some of the major Twitch streamers. It now is the third most popular game being broadcast there, right after Heartstone and League of Legends which is a most impressive fact considering it hasn’t even released yet!

How it All Started


PUBG began it’s evolution as a mod called ‘Battle Royale’ for a popular first-person shooter called Arma. Brendan Greene, the designer of this mod, at first consulted with the team behind Daybreak, so they could create a mod for their zombie survival game H1Z1. This idea eventually came to life as it was created as a standalone game called H1Z1: King of the Hill. Greene’s vision didn’t fully come to life, leading to a partnership with South Korean developer Bluehole and the creating of today’s PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

            The creators of the game promised they won’t stall as it was confirmed the game will be playable withing the first 6 months of it’s release in Early Access!

Killer of H1Z1?


            Immediately after it’s launch, PUBG shook the whole are of MMO Survival gaming. Countless speculations and predictions were made, including the end of the success of other popular Survival MMO’s such as DayZ and H1Z1.

It would seem the whole community is divided. Some people are claiming it’s not really a ‘survival’ game, but rather an FPS game with only symbolic elements of surviving. While the others are impressed by the game’s execution and find its fun and simplicity ratio to be just right.

While we could speculate about the game’s different aspects it is clear to see that this game has a bright future, and the targeted audience was mostly satisfied with it, the numbers don’t lie.


All in all this is merely the beginning and the best has yet to come since the game’s release is right around the corner.

Planescape: Torment; Great RPG Coming to iOS and Android

Planescape: Torment; Great RPG Coming to iOS and Android

If you’re already familiar with the isometric RPG Planescape: Torment, we have some good news for you! The game has been remastered completely by Beamdog, a company that is already quite experienced in remastering older games.

Beamdog already remastered Bioware’s Infinity Edge, and the feedback was good according to them. Planescape: Torment has been remastered under the name of Planescape: Torment: Enchanced Edition. As you’ve already read in the title the game is already available on both iOS and Android.
Aside from mobile devices and smartphones the game has been published for Windows PC, Mac and Linux on April 11th.

This was great news for us since the nostalgia factor is strong with this game. It was a game originally released in 1999 but the game’s universe itself dates back to 1994. It was a great game back in the day, we can only imagine how the enhanced edition will look like. Since we haven’t played it already.

It was one of the first serious RPG’s we played and the new realm it brought was awesome and awe-inspiring. There were multiple choices and solutions for this RPG which made it unique at the time. We would play it over and over just to explore all the possible options and outcomes.
What a truly immersive and innovative experience that was. We can’t imagine to live it all throught again!
If you, however aren’t familiar with the Planscape: Torment, but you like RPG’s in general, we strongly recommend it.
Here’s a trailer depicting the new enhanced edition, check it out!


Planescape: Torment – What You Should Know


As we already stated, this is an older game. It was originally released back in 1999. And although we don’t know much about the enhanced edition we can discuss it. Since it mostly won’t stray far away from the original series, we know some thing for sure.

First of all the remastered version has a completely remastered OST as well as 4k resolutions. It also includes the much needed interface and camera updates that will improve the overall game quality. Good news is that you can turn all of these features off if you want the authentic feeling. Sometime’s newer isnt always better, right?
The remastering team has teamed up with the original creators to better execute the game’s rework. This is slowly beggining to look like a promising remaster worthy of it’s loyal fanbase!

The original game from 1999 was inspired by Dungeons and Dragons universe. It represents a realm where numerous planes of existence come together.

The plot of the game revolves around ‘The Nameless One’. The Nameless One is an unknown being who is on a quest to understand why it’s immortal.

Torment: Tides of Numenera was released recently and it recieved a huge praise amongst the gamers. This role-playing game which takes place in another universe might be the trigger for this remaster.
So what do you think about this remaster? Are you excited as much as we are? Have you already played it? Was it a success in your opinion?

Mobile Gaming is HUGE and it’s Here to Stay!

Mobile Gaming is HUGE and it’s Here to Stay!

Mobile gaming on handheld devices is slowly but surely redefining games in general. Most of the mobile gamers were considered ‘casual’. Casual means that they aren’t usually as much skilled as their fellow PC or Console gamers. They also have limited interest and time that they spend on games. This would all be correct if we talked about it a few years back.
Since the high-speed development of mobile devices, mobile gaming is making a huge re-entrance in the gaming community. Smartphones give gamers a new field to roam and explore. Games of any genre can be found  for smartphones these days.

A fine example of mobile gaming evolution can be seen in the Mortal Kombat X mobile, a game rather deep and complex that many of it’s players are optioning for a way to hack the game in order to make it easier!
This rise can be explained by the following facts. Many mobile games, as opposed to let’s say PC games are being made to appeal to the masses. They don’t require a particular set of skills or time commitement and can be picked up and left off whenever you want.

Since casual gaming was quickly spread because of the platform it was featured on, the casual gaming community grew aswell. Let’s face it, everyone has smartphones these days, and more and more people are installing gaming apps on them.
Also video games are becoming more and more accepted withing our society. Most of the people in our society played a game once in their lifetime. This acceptance of video games in modern society had a huge impact in the rise of casual gaming.

How Exactly Mobile Gaming Started And What Can We Expect In The Future?


When the first mobile phone was released in 1983 noone expected to play games on it. It was quite impractical overall and people only used it if they had to.

It wasn’t until Tetris appeared on Hagenuk MT-2000 in 1994. that the idea of mobile gaming started to sprout. This was a, how should we put this, Stone Age of mobile gaming!

Fast forward a couple of decades and you have a sleek, handy device that you carry around at all times. Because of this, many developers jumped on the bandwagon of creating video games specially designed for mobile gaming.

Our future!

It has now become an aspect of the gaming industry that is rising in profitable standards. Each year the worth of this industry is rising, and it’s rising quite fast. According to Forbes it’s expected to become an 8.64 BILLION dollars industry by 2014.
If these numbers didn’t convince you here’s some more facts. Of all apps on Google Play, more than 16% are categorized as games! Meaning you have around 50,000 games on Android market!
On Facebook you have a wide range of more than 2,500 apps categorized as games.
Even the classic PC or Console game developers, such as Square Enix for example, have jumped on this bandwagon. They are recreating old games for smartphones and creating even creating brand new ones for the exact same purpose.

Thanks to smartphones, Facebook and other websites gaming is slowly becoming an industry we just can’t ignore. It’s only going to rise according to statistics. So with all of this going on, what can we expect? Will casual mobile games take over? There is not simple answer to this question and we will just have to wait and see.

Minecraft Getting a ‘Marketplace Update’

Minecraft Getting a ‘Marketplace Update’

Minecraft is a game that is still growing despite it’s age. ‘Marketplace Update’ is the proof of this. Every gamer has at least once played Minecraft, at least for five minutes. Since the game’s community and player base is still quite large, Minecraft developers never stop handing out updates.

According to our sources Microsoft plans on creating a new Minecraft online store. In this store you’ll be able to purchase user-generated maps, skins and texture packs. Similar to DLC expansions in other games, but this content was made by third-party. Mostly other teams of players have created this content and the online marketplace would be a place to find it all.

Minecraft Marketplace will also host company’s own goods as well as the creations of other players. It’s supposed to be released in the upcoming spring. Of course, the mods that were always free will stay that way, which is good news.

In the past there was a gap between the first-party and third-party creators. Both sold their creations on different websites and were restricted by different platforms. This will solve this problem once and for all.

The purchases will be made using the currency called Minecraft Coins that can be bough with real money. While some think this is a bad idea, others rejoice at the thought of it. Different opinions are present of course. But we personally think that this will motivate third-party creators to create quality content.

Here’s a short preview of the Marketplace:


Minecraft Marketplace – How Will It All Work?


The Marketplace is attached to your Xbox Live account, and the currency it uses cannot be found in-game. This is one of the aspects we don’t really support. We understand the need for real time money. But we’d also like to be able to earn some coins while playing. It doesn’t have to be a large amount. However we believe that the players should be rewarded for playing the game for thousands of hours!

The third-party content creators will rejoice however. Since they will be getting at least 50% of all the earnings their items made. Minecraft developers and the Microsoft will however take their cut of course. They provide the service after all and this is completely justified.

The console users are out of luck this time it seems! Markeplace isn’t coming on consoles, at least not anytime soon. PC, tablet and mobile users however will be able to make purchases at the time of release.

There was a press event where representatives of Microsoft’s Minecraft team have shown some packs that will be available. They include nine creators that have been chosen to launch the service. Sphax, Blockworks, Imagiverse and Noxcrew are some of the most famous ones.
The pack include:

  1. Skyfair: Floating island that feature bunch of mini-games
  2. Pastel Skin Pack: Pastel art style skins
  3. Pirate Map: Sunken galleons, swashbuckling combat map
  4. Automaton Dreams: Cyberpunk map focused on adventring and exploration
  5. Stone Age Texture Map: Cave-dwellers and dinosaurs

These are some of the most anticipated game pack but much more is sure to come! So what do you think, will this Marketplace fail or succeed? Is it a good idea, or is it just another scheme to make money?