Ridiculous RE7 Dummy Finger Mystery Finally Solved

Ridiculous RE7 Dummy Finger Mystery Finally Solved

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard demo that was released back in June puzzled players all over the world (Pun intented). Since the release, many players got really confused about the puzzle that involved a hand and a dummy. No one could figure out what they should do, and it drove everyone crazy!

Was this a good marketing strategy? We’d definitely say so! However, the unsolved puzzle was solved shortly after the release of the game’s final teaser. One keen-eyed player noticed that Capcom didn’t forget to include the frustrating finger puzzle in it. ‘So what was the solution?’, you might be asking yourself now? We’ll just tell you that, to us, this solution didn’t even cross our minds once!

If you haven’t been familiar with Resident Evil 7 favorite conspiracy we’ll fill you in. The dummy finger was an item that you discovered in game’s first trial, that was released just after E3 2016. During the gameplay you’d find a lone digit in a creepy house. The digit you’d find belonged to a creepy mannequin. Players of course immediately though this was some kind of conspiracy or a secret, an Easter egg even. But nobody knew exactly what it does!

Numerous theories formed quickly, trying to guess and revel the Finger’s secret. The flames were stoked even more when Capcom sent a message in July. The message was seemingly unrelated to this problem. Regarding the details about the Resident Evil Ambassador Program there was a note ‘about a certain finger’: ‘The path is now closed, but patience…’

Most of the people looked over this message as some unrelated stuff for only the most passionate fans. However, thanks to one of the most dedicated Resident Evil players, a connection was made.


Resident Evil 7 Mannequin Finger Mystery – Solution


After waiting for six months, for the demo’s release, one dedicated Reddit user found the purpose for the dummy finger!

Shortly after the release of the ‘Midnight’ demo, BruhTheShark posted a complete guide to completing this puzzle. The subreddit consisted of 34 steps, which ran to the highlt specific to the slightly odd and vague.
We can definitely say that ‘average casual’ would never figure out the mystery on their own. Since the guide tells you to walk around different rooms using various items in particular ways.
You really need to see this for yourself in order to fully understand it so here it is. Be wary as this is a long playthrough and things tend to get a little scary!

The reward for solving this mystery is rather bizarre if you ask us. The ‘Dirty Coin’ player is awarded seems rather unimportant. However there is a use for it, so if you did the puzzle stick to it. If you pay enough attention through the game you will find exactly what it’s used for. Since we don’t want to give out any spoilers about the game we won’t tell you here.
If, however we get enough feedback and suggestions we might do the second part of the mystery revolving around the Dirty Coin.

No promises, though since many of you have already beaten Resident Evil 7 anyway!

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