Pokémon GO Getting Co-Op Features!

Pokémon GO Getting Co-Op Features!

Pokémon GO seems like it’s still on the rise. Even if the starting hype and burst of popularity has faded, it still has a lot of users. Niantic already celebrated the milestone of over 65 million active users!
Aside from reaching the milestone of  active users, Pokémon GO won many awards in the past couple of months. This being said, it is quite easy to see that the game is still going strong within the Pokémon community.

Surely the best news for active Pokémon GO players is the announcement of implementation of the Co-Op Gameplay. This will expand the already great experience of this game, adding a whole another dimension to it’s fun.

So if you didn’t have much reason to go outside if you caught most of you Pokémon, now you will! Trainers all over the world will immerse in a cooperative social gameplay experience.

The cooperative aspects have been datamined even before the official announcement. However, we didn’t want to talk about the subject before the official news. Dataminers from a private Discord for Pokémon GO players found lines of code about it. Updated Gym features and ‘nearby raids’ are coming as well!

We still don’t know much about the whole ‘raids’ thing. What we do know is that the game will occasionally inform you of nearby raids. Meaning you and all other nearby trainers will head to the same place. This will be a cooperative experience, but we still don’t know the details.
If you take a closer look at this trailer you will see that it probably was inspired by the thought of Co-Op playstyle:

Pokémon GO – Updating Gym Features


Besides the already mentioned Co-Op features that is being added to Pokémon GO we know the Gym will be updated. Those updates will involve shaking up how long  Pokémon can hold onto their posts.

The dataminers confirm that there are lines of code indicating that some  Pokémon maybe be forced out of the gym. Either by others trainers or other Pokémon, perhaps there is a connection between this and the raids. Dataminers are all working hard to uncover the hidden secrets of Pokémon GO.

While we might have to wait a bit to clearly see what’s coming in the next updates one thing is clear. Pokémon GO will have a major update next spring!

All of this is probably because the Pokémon GO developers themselves are unhappy with how the gyms work. They expressed that they feel most players find the repetitive and one-sided. There is minimal to none interaction between the players there currently. This is all the complete opposite of what they wanted.

CEO John Hanke told Wired that their top priority is to fix the current gym system. Senior product manager Tatsuo Nomura said something similar at the Game Developers Conference in 2017. He stated that Pokémon GO is an MMO and that it is crucial for it that people play together.

This sure sounds exciting for all of us Pokémon GO users and fans. These updates will bring us closer together than ever!

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