PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Already Sold 1 Million Copies!

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Already Sold 1 Million Copies!

Bluehole inc., developers of the new MMO Survival game called PlayerUnknown’s Battleground claimed they had sold more than one million copies withing the first 16 days after it’s publishing on Steam Early Access.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground better known as PUBG had an amazing start on Steam by earning a reported 11 million dollars in the first three days of its sale. Our sources confirmed that it is currently number one best selling game on Steam. The game’s success doesn’t stop there, as it is now placed withing the top five most-played games on steam since it’s launch according to the information provided by SteamCharts.

The speed at which this game sells is incredible and it only continues to grow, beating another similar MMO Survival game, the popular DayZ. But even DayZ, in spite of its popularity, fails to come close to PUBG since by comparing the sales of these two games we can clearly see that PUBG is selling about twice as fast!

The game’s skyrocketing popularity certainly got attention from some of the major Twitch streamers. It now is the third most popular game being broadcast there, right after Heartstone and League of Legends which is a most impressive fact considering it hasn’t even released yet!

How it All Started


PUBG began it’s evolution as a mod called ‘Battle Royale’ for a popular first-person shooter called Arma. Brendan Greene, the designer of this mod, at first consulted with the team behind Daybreak, so they could create a mod for their zombie survival game H1Z1. This idea eventually came to life as it was created as a standalone game called H1Z1: King of the Hill. Greene’s vision didn’t fully come to life, leading to a partnership with South Korean developer Bluehole and the creating of today’s PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

            The creators of the game promised they won’t stall as it was confirmed the game will be playable withing the first 6 months of it’s release in Early Access!

Killer of H1Z1?


            Immediately after it’s launch, PUBG shook the whole are of MMO Survival gaming. Countless speculations and predictions were made, including the end of the success of other popular Survival MMO’s such as DayZ and H1Z1.

It would seem the whole community is divided. Some people are claiming it’s not really a ‘survival’ game, but rather an FPS game with only symbolic elements of surviving. While the others are impressed by the game’s execution and find its fun and simplicity ratio to be just right.

While we could speculate about the game’s different aspects it is clear to see that this game has a bright future, and the targeted audience was mostly satisfied with it, the numbers don’t lie.


All in all this is merely the beginning and the best has yet to come since the game’s release is right around the corner.

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