Mobile Gaming is HUGE and it’s Here to Stay!

Mobile Gaming is HUGE and it’s Here to Stay!

Mobile gaming on handheld devices is slowly but surely redefining games in general. Most of the mobile gamers were considered ‘casual’. Casual means that they aren’t usually as much skilled as their fellow PC or Console gamers. They also have limited interest and time that they spend on games. This would all be correct if we talked about it a few years back.
Since the high-speed development of mobile devices, mobile gaming is making a huge re-entrance in the gaming community. Smartphones give gamers a new field to roam and explore. Games of any genre can be found  for smartphones these days.

A fine example of mobile gaming evolution can be seen in the Mortal Kombat X mobile, a game rather deep and complex that many of it’s players are optioning for a way to hack the game in order to make it easier!
This rise can be explained by the following facts. Many mobile games, as opposed to let’s say PC games are being made to appeal to the masses. They don’t require a particular set of skills or time commitement and can be picked up and left off whenever you want.

Since casual gaming was quickly spread because of the platform it was featured on, the casual gaming community grew aswell. Let’s face it, everyone has smartphones these days, and more and more people are installing gaming apps on them.
Also video games are becoming more and more accepted withing our society. Most of the people in our society played a game once in their lifetime. This acceptance of video games in modern society had a huge impact in the rise of casual gaming.

How Exactly Mobile Gaming Started And What Can We Expect In The Future?


When the first mobile phone was released in 1983 noone expected to play games on it. It was quite impractical overall and people only used it if they had to.

It wasn’t until Tetris appeared on Hagenuk MT-2000 in 1994. that the idea of mobile gaming started to sprout. This was a, how should we put this, Stone Age of mobile gaming!

Fast forward a couple of decades and you have a sleek, handy device that you carry around at all times. Because of this, many developers jumped on the bandwagon of creating video games specially designed for mobile gaming.

Our future!

It has now become an aspect of the gaming industry that is rising in profitable standards. Each year the worth of this industry is rising, and it’s rising quite fast. According to Forbes it’s expected to become an 8.64 BILLION dollars industry by 2014.
If these numbers didn’t convince you here’s some more facts. Of all apps on Google Play, more than 16% are categorized as games! Meaning you have around 50,000 games on Android market!
On Facebook you have a wide range of more than 2,500 apps categorized as games.
Even the classic PC or Console game developers, such as Square Enix for example, have jumped on this bandwagon. They are recreating old games for smartphones and creating even creating brand new ones for the exact same purpose.

Thanks to smartphones, Facebook and other websites gaming is slowly becoming an industry we just can’t ignore. It’s only going to rise according to statistics. So with all of this going on, what can we expect? Will casual mobile games take over? There is not simple answer to this question and we will just have to wait and see.

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